New Report Shows More People Buying Parkinson’s Drugs Online

New Report Shows More People Buying Parkinson's Drugs Online

The difficulty of treating Parkinson’s disease is that scientists have not been able to establish the exact cause of the disease and get a drug that could get rid of the disease forever. Drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease can slow down the development of the disease, normalize the functioning of the nervous system. And the sooner the disease is detected, the easier it is to achieve remission, control the condition and prevent complications.

The new survey 2021 shows that more and more people prefer to buy Parkinson’s medication through online services. In this article, we will try to find out why people purchase medicines online, how to place an order and mention the most popular Parkinson’s drugs ordered via the net.

Where can I purchase medications for Parkinson’s disease online?

One of the favorite pharmacies for Parkinson’s medication is PharmacyMall. The international pharmacy differs from others in the following aspects:

  • Availability of certified, high-quality medicines. These are both original medicines from well-known world manufacturers, and cheaper generics delivered directly from the warehouse. Despite the low price, their quality is in no way inferior to expensive branded medicines;
  • A large assortment and quality service. Clients leave only positive feedback about the pharmacy’s service;
  • You can order medicines online directly on the website in a few clicks;
  • All employees are polite, skilled and will be happy to advise you on any issue. But they cannot prescribe the necessary drug. All treatment is prescribed only by a doctor, and consultants can help you find the drug you need at the lowest price or offer an effective analogue;
  • New Parkinson’s medicines regularly appear on the portal;
  • There are regular promotions, thanks to which it is possible to buy drugs at a good discount;
  • You can place an order with home delivery 24 hours a day.

Survey: almost 45% of Americans prefer to order Parkinson’s medicines through online services

About 45% of Americans started ordering drugs online after they had the opportunity, according to a survey conducted recently.

“Almost half of Americans (55%) do not buy medicines online and continue to go to pharmacies. However, 45% of respondents began to order medicines online after such an opportunity appeared,” the survey said.

About 13% of respondents said that now they regularly buy medicines online, slightly less than a third (31%) sometimes buy medicines online. Respondents aged 25 to 34 years – 54% – most actively use the opportunity to buy drugs online, including on an ongoing basis.

The top reasons why interviewed people refuse an online purchase were inconvenience (59%), long waiting times (36%) and the inability to consult a pharmacist offline (28%). “Also, Americans prefer to trust a particular pharmacy (14%) and believe that the pharmacy has a larger assortment of drugs,” the study said.

The survey involved 1.5 thousand respondents of different ages from different US cities.

In order not to look through the entire catalog, you can simply fill in the name of the required products in the search bar, and then place an order. Anyone with at least minimal network experience will cope with this task. All products are divided into groups. You can also easily compare the cost of several
items and buy the most profitable option.

What are the common Parkinson’s drugs purchased online?

In general, consumers order the following groups of Parkinson’s drugs:

  • levodopa;
  • dopamine agonist;
  • glutamate antagonists;
  • comt inhibitors;
  • MAO-B inhibitors.

At the initial stage of the disease, people order drugs that have a positive effect on the synthesis of dopamine, increasing its concentration. A decrease in dopamine is the main manifestation of the disease because you can prevent the rapid development of the disease if you keep its level. Such drugs prevent the breakdown of neurotransmitters and significantly improve the condition.

Another popular drug is Mirapex (the active ingredient pramipexole). The drug can be used as a monotherapy in the early stages of the disease or in complex treatment with levodopa. The medicine improves coordination of actions, reduces the tremor of the lower extremities, which allows patients to move normally.

Dopaminergic drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease include Symmetrel with the active ingredient amantadine. The drug successfully blocks glutamate receptors, while the sensitivity of dopamine receptors increases and the amount of the transmitter increases significantly. Thus, the intensity of the manifestation of the disease decreases, mental activity and the ability to control movements improve. The substance is also available under the other name Amantine.

Means of additional support for normalizing the state contain ubiquinone. Such pharmaceuticals include CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10). Ubiquinone is part of important processes in the body: ATP synthesis, oxygen delivery to cells, energy production, slowing down the aging process. The production of the substance is affected by the lack of vitamins and age. Every 20 years, the ability to produce ubiquinone decreases, in which case its synthetic analogues cannot be dispensed with, because they are part of the complex therapy of the condition.

When the disease worsens, people have to purchase drugs based on levodopa. They are the only possible treatment option for patients over 70 years of age.
Levodopa is a precursor of dopamine and its breakdown in peripheral tissues makes it possible to increase the concentration of the element in the body and thereby reduce the intensity of the manifestation of rigidity, as well as bradykinesia. However, the drug has a wide range of adverse reactions: involuntary movements, mental disorders.

The combination with levodopa has the best performance and effectiveness. Such drugs include Carbidopa (Lodosyn) and Madopar. The simultaneous use of levodopa and an inhibitor of its disintegration can increase the therapeutic effect, as well as reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

Monotherapy or complex treatment of Parkinson’s disease requires the use of Bromocriptine, which is a prolactin inhibitor. To eliminate the symptoms of the disease, it is permissible to use the muscle relaxant Mydocalm.

How to order medication online

All the necessary medicines for Parkinson’s can be bought at an online pharmacy. To place an order, you only need to fill out a short form.

After you have found what you need, you need to add the product to your shopping cart. This method is more suitable for cases when you purchase more than one medicine.

You can use your personal account to track the status of the order, see if the desired drug has gone on sale, view the purchase history and, if necessary, repeat orders.

You will be promptly informed about the change in the order status. You should expect to get the medicine delivered right to your door within several days.