Our online company provides and guarantees quick, secure and convenient delivery of parcels to any address detected by you while submitting an order. Our staff will process and ship the orders within 48 hours maximum. Currently, our company uses one of the shipping options below:

  • EMS delivery. This Delivery option usually takes 5-9 business days. The parcels are sent by Express Mail Service. The maximum delivery period is 14 days. All customers who opt for this option will get a tracking number as soon as their orders are dispensed from our office;
  • Standard Airmail delivery. This delivery option usually takes 14-21 business days. The maximum delivery period is 30 business days. The parcels are dispensed in non-transparent packages. No tracking!

All the orders offered on weekends are not processed. Remember that all orders submitted on weekends will be processed on Monday. Customers automatically get an email notification when their orders are dispensed.

Orders containing 120 pills or over will be dispensed in 2 different parcels. They may not be delivered on different days.

Delivery Guarantee

Please, contact our customer care department if your order is lost or damaged. The manager will cope with the problem.

Refund and Return Policy

Be sure that you ensure our service with the correct shipping address. Any inaccuracies may lead to non-delivery of the parcel. For avoiding this problem, check the information carefully before completing your order. If you understood that you had provided the incorrect address, address our customer care department as fast as possible.