This post is intended to reach more people in the Parkinson’s community who’d like to give back to the community that has supported them……………

What is First Hand Help?

Are you living with Parkinson’s disease and looking to connect with someone else living with the disease? Caring for someone living with Parkinson’s disease and looking to connect with other care partners? We are here to help!

First Hand Help Program offers connections, resources and support at no cost! It was created to help people living with Parkinson’s make the connection with someone on the same journey. This group, comprised completely of those living with PD serves to improve the lives of people living with PD through outreach. This group realizes the importance of connecting with others living with PD.

It appears that the need for First Hand Help goes beyond the Person with Parkinson’s, or PwP. We are hearing requests for First Hand Help for care partners, along with other family members….specifically, children of the PwP. These children might be teenagers, or young adults….loved ones that don’t understand what Parkinson’s is all about…..and they just want someone to talk with. With that in mind, we have decided to invite interested care partners and young adults that might want to get involved in First Hand Help to a training session on May 24, from 4pm-6pm to learn more on how they can help others, along with learning more about how best to support their own loved one with Parkinson’s. We chose the time of 4pm-6pm to accommodate those care partners that work full-time, but still would like to learn more.

Please RSVP by 5/20, either emailing Mike at or calling/texting at 952-212-5850.

The training session will be head at the NPFM office, 8085 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 100, Golden Valley.

Whether you are a Person with Parkinson’s, and care partner of a PwP, or you have a young adult child interested in giving back to the community that is supporting you, we would enjoy having your support and presence at next training session on May 24.