Living with Parkinson’s disease and looking to connect with someone else living with the disease? Caring for someone living with Parkinson’s disease and looking to connect with other care partners? We are here to help!

First Hand Help Program offers connections, resources and support at no cost! It was created to help people living with Parkinson’s make the connection with someone on the same journey. This group, comprised completely of those living with PD serves to improve the lives of people living with PD through outreach. This group realizes the importance of connecting with others living with PD.

“I had PD for 13 years and had no idea there was help in abundance right near my home in Eagan, MN. Then my Neurologist mentioned the National Parkinson Foundation,again, I had never heard of it. I got in touch with the president of NPF on the phone, and she told me about ‘First Hand Help’. The very next day a gentleman named Steve  called me, encouraged me, and took me out for coffee and invited me to the following meeting at his home.
What I found there was approximately 20 people from all walks of life, some with PD, some partners, husbands and wives.

Anyone who knows PD is affected by it!  We all had a great time and found out a little bit about each one. Subsequent meetings have included doctors who care for PD patients  with open question time . The bottom line for me was ‘ I’m NOT alone, I’m allowed to get scared about PD from time to time’ .

If you know someone with Parkinson’s, please make them aware of the First Hand Help hotline. There are folks who ‘get it’. There are people who care and we all help each other! One phone call changed my life for the better !”

– Erick

Fill out the form below and return it to our offices.

First Hand Help Request Form

 8085 Wayzata Blvd. Suite 100

Golden Valley, MN 55426

For more information call 763-545-1272 or email