Stories: Medical Professionals Working With Parkinson’s

It’s Not Just My Job—It’s My Community: Rose Wichmann’s Story

Living well with PD is much more than medication, and the person with PD and their care partner are the decision makers. We need to provide the right information at the right time based on what the patient and care partner tell us are their goals and what needs they have. Those things are different for everyone.

Martha Nance’s Story

"People with Parkinson's disease first need a timely diagnosis and an understanding of what Parkinson's is, and what it isn't." Martha

Think Globally—Act Locally: Ruth Hagestuen’s story

Ruth Hagestuen started preparing for her place in the Parkinson’s professional community when she was a nurse working overseas in Bangladesh and Madagascar. “I gained a different and more global perspective from my time there. I can see the value of different viewpoints and learned to think outside the box,” Ruth explained. This has served her well.

Every Patient is a Puzzle and a Person

“People with PD need to see a neurologist that specializes in PD. There has been so much change in the field since I started. We now know that Lewy Body is not as rare as what was assumed. Medication options continue to change. Everyone with PD is different. They have different symptoms and need a different combination of medications. There can be non-motor symptoms that need to be addressed such as mood, memory, constipation, sleep issues, etc. Each PD patient is a unique puzzle and I try to make all the pieces fit together as best I can.” Dr. Stein said.

I Know Why I Get Up in the Morning: Marcia Cotter’s Story

“My company is both a personal and professional thing for me,” said Marcia Cotter. “My father-in-law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in 2004, and he passed away in 2013 at the age of 85. His journey with PD is the reason my company specializes in caring for people with this disease.”

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