NPFM is confident that Minnesota businesses are already in touch with their employees need to be fully productive in their roles. Employees with movement disorders may need extra support. The NPFM Patient Advisory Board worked to create a tool to measure, manage, and promote an organization’s success in supporting employees with movement disorders.

Parkinson’s disease impacts each person in a unique way. The symptoms manifest themselves in different ways in different people. The scorecard accommodates this uniqueness. Employers will find that not all of the areas of the scorecard are needed for each employee living with Parkinson’s disease.

At this time learning which employees have Parkinson’s disease is probably the biggest challenge. Those with the disease are hesitant to tell family, friends, or employers about their diagnosis. NPFM has found that a trusted environment with human resource policies and support assist the company as much as the employee.

NPFM is developing partnerships across the state in our efforts to build Parkinson’s-Friendly Communities. The workplace is a critical component. NPFM will be publicizing and promoting companies committed to becoming Parkinson’s-Friendly. Contact us if your company is willing to help in this important work.