Parkinson’s-Friendly Communities



Here at the National Parkinson Foundation Minnesota we are working to create Parkinson Friendly Communities in Minnesota and neighboring states. Our mission is to ensure that individuals and families touched by Parkinsons remain vibrant, engaged members of our communities.

The best part of helping those living with Parkinsons is seeing our impact in Parkinson Friendly Communities all over Minnesota. Every day we hear positive stories from support groups, medical professionals and people living with Parkinsons. We enjoy seeing how our awareness efforts help people living with PD and their families.

Included below are just a few great quotes about how NPFM has changed lives all over Minnesota. Read more full length stories and testimonials on our Stories of Parkinsons page.

“We were thrilled to have been the recipients of grant support from the Otto Bremer grant towards the 2015 Tae-Guk-Kwan-Do classes presented by Scott Ridlon. Half way through the year, his class has regular weekly participation with both Parkinsons patients and their caregivers attending.

Being a participant myself I would have to say that it is extremely challenging, anyone can do it (I am proof!!), it requires focus and I must admit – it is fun! Without the support provided, this class would not have been offered to the group at no cost and many individuals would not have attended due to the cost. We are so grateful for the support and opportunity for this class.”

– Pamela Tritz-Okia
Facilitator, St. Cloud Area Support Groups

“[NPFM encourages] people to connect with others to share knowledge and experiences and compassion. This is a huge morale booster! [In PD Friendly Communities] people open up to new ideas and ways of doing what they used to do….but a little differently. And I always go home wishing I could do more!

The stories are endless. There are more than 25,000 People with Parkinsons in MN. I’ve met a few hundred. There is more to be done.”
-Liz Ogren

Founder, Pedal and Roll

With the addition of the Awareness Van, we are able to travel all over Minnesota to visit PD Friendly Communities. Connect with our Facebook page and check out our upcoming events to see all of the Awareness Van travels!