Parkinson’s-friendly Communities



The National Parkinson Foundation Minnesota is working to create Parkinson’s-Friendly Communities across the Upper Midwest. It’s not a bricks and mortar project; it’s about ensuring individuals and families touched by Parkinson’s remain vibrant, engaged members of our communities. Living with Parkinson’s often leads to isolation. And that’s not healthy for anyone.

As part of this overall effort, NPFM’s Patient Advisory Board kicked off the initiative by drafting a letter to employers and creating an office environment scorecard. But the office environment is just one place you will find people with Parkinson’s.

Whether you’re planning a major hometown event or hosting an activity at your church, school or home, make it friendly for people with Parkinson’s disease. Begin with the basics of making sure your facility is accessible and easy to maneuver in a wheelchair or walker and build from there. Our Parkinson’s Friendly Event Planning Guide (pdf, 323KB) will help you think your event through from parking and seating to food, straws and extra napkins. It’s about options and accommodations, provided with a little extra help from your friends!

Watch for more announcements regarding NPFM’s efforts to building Parkinson’s-Friendly Communities throughout 2013.


Parkinson’s Friendly Event Planning Guide (pdf, 323KB)

Some Parkinson’s-Friendly Communities

alexandriaAlexandria, MN
Alexandria, MN. Visit The Site
fargo-222x128Fargo, ND
Fargo, ND. Visit The Site
willmarWillmar, MN
Willmar, MN. Visit The Site