This post is intended to reach more people in the Parkinson’s community who’d like to give back to the community that has supported them…………… What is First Hand Help? Are you living with Parkinson’s disease and looking to connect with someone else living with the disease? Caring for someone living with Parkinson’s disease and looking… Read More

My Parkinson’s story began about 10 years ago.  Until early 2006, things were going great.  My wife and I were empty nesters, we were traveling some, and life was just wonderful!  In mid 2006 things changed when I was unexpectedly laid off from my company after 37 years of service.  I had not been able of… Read More

John had a familial tremor in his right arm for over 20 years. He didn’t think much of it until his left arm began to shake too. There were a few other underlying medical issues, like the depression he had battled for 25 years, but he was keeping busy working fulltime. As different symptoms started… Read More

Mel feels his story with Parkinson’s is a little different than others. He had been seeing a neurologist for over 15 years treating the neuropathy in his feet. At his regular checkup with his neurologist, out of the blue she asked him to walk. He walked down the hall and turned around questioning, what gives?… Read More

Mondays, 01/23/2017 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Join Nancy Lovaas and our Marsh program specialists for this 4-week cross training series and learn how to utilize exercise and Pilates equipment, incorporate breath awareness skills, and access warm water that can assist with increasing overall mobility, flexibility and functional movement.   In October, Delay the Disease instructor Heidi… Read More

Create a stamp and try different printmaking techniques while learning about some of Minnesota’s winter activities. Classes and materials are FREE! Registration is limited. Call Sandi Holten at 952-993-6061. The series of two classes will be held the following Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:00pm: 1/12 & 1/19 and on 1/26. You are the visiting artist.… Read More

  Author and friend of NPFM Jean Larson has a NEW poetry book hot off the press.  Enjoy her reading a poem from her book! Watch NOW!   PRESS RELEASE St. Paul, MN: Many of us know what it feels like for someone in the family to receive the diagnosis of a chronic disease. Author… Read More