NPFM is thrilled to share with you the launch of the Parkinson’s Path. It’s the brainchild of staff and participants at Bethesda’s Wellness Center and therapy programs in Willmawillmarpathwayr.

This story in the West Central Tribune says it all. The Path is a way to help people with Parkinson’s and others navigate changes in their daily lives. People in the therapy program practice walking from concrete onto pavers or from pavers onto grass. While more activities will be added next year, current participants go up and down hills, get in and out of lawn chairs and figure out the safest way to fill the bird feeder. Practice in therapy so it’s safe to do it at home. Brilliant idea.

The Wellness Center is designed to meet the needs of area residents who are 50 and older. Classes include spin bike classes in the accessible pool, water areogics and more.

NPFM’s support of the work in Willmar is part of our Parkinson’s-Friendly Community effort through the support of the Otto Bremer Foundation.

-Eileen Smith, NPFM